Göksu Park

Göksu Park project, at its site on the thirthieth kilometer on the Ankara Istanbul national road, is comprised of the transformation of a small endorheic basin locally known as Susuz Lake in Eryaman District into a public park. Designed not only for suburban Eryaman, but also to attract people from the entire Ankara Metropolitan agglomeration; Göksu Park required attention to its architectural program as much as to its landscape and infrastructure, in order to offer abundant daily activity and recreation facilities. The client’s vision of very high daily usage numbers required fine level of blending that brings the natural peculiarities of the site to fruition.

Landscape and architectural details being simultaneously developed greatly contributed to the final holistic outlook of the urban park environment. Numerous foci of various purposes are defined around the site to achieve balance between built and natural landscape. Pavilion scale buildings built on these points define view frames into the site and thresholds which break down the scale of circulation. Homogeneously populating a rich topography of gentle hills and plains with these foci helps various structures and activities establish visual contact with one another. In contrast with the ephemeral nature of their daily activities, these structures are rendered to attain a sense of permanence - one that is created with underlying references to marine settings, of lighthouses, sails and recurring white surfaces. Island Restaurant, Biosphere, Multi Purpose Tent, Lighthouse, Sports Center and Film Theater are among the more prominent manifestations of the governing concept.


Eryaman, Ankara

Hüseyin Bütüner, Hilmi Güner, Tülin Munzur, Kevser Çakan, Gülbahar Bahadır, Can Gündüz, Filiz Özgür

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

Metropol Imar INC 


December 2003 – April 2003

April 2003 – October 2003